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(Museums and labs that have a sample)
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File:ChartImageLarge_2225.jpg|Reflectance - visible and UV (MFA)
File:ChartImageLarge_2223.jpg|SEM at 600x (MFA)
File:ChartImageLarge_2236.jpg|EDS (MFA)
File:ChartImageLarge_2598.jpg|XRD (DIA)
File:ChartImageLarge_2233.jpg|XRD (MFA)

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(Use this template to add new records for Forbes pigments samples. My comments and all exemplary information should be deleted. In each line provide all available information)

Pigment Number 1.01.09; 1.01.9; 124 (NYU old); 540 (MFA); 186 (SCC); 90 (SCC old)
Pigment Classification 1.01 WHITE - Calcium Compounds
Bottle Label Bone Ash, Ca3(PO4)2
Collection Source EWF
Formula Ca3(PO4)2
Sample Composition calcium phosphate with some pumice

Museums and labs that have a sample

Lab Name Lab Number Comment
Library of Congress 1.01.16


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