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File:Naples yellow 292.TIF|FTIR (MFA)
File:ChartImageLarge_2767.jpg|Raman (MFA)
File:ChartImageLarge_2767.jpg|Raman (MFA)
File:Slide6 FC292.PNG|XRF (MFA)
File:Slide6 FC292.PNG|XRF (MFA)

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Pigment Number 3.06.11; 292 (MFA)
Pigment Classification 3.06 YELLOW - Naples Yellow
Bottle Label Naples Yellow, deep, Zimmerman
Collection Source EWF
Supplier/Manufacturer Zimmerman

Museums and labs that have a sample

Lab Name Lab Number Comment
MFA-Boston 292
Brooklyn Museum 3.06.11
Buffalo State 3.06.11
DIA-Detroit 3.06.11
IFA-NYU 3.06.11
Library of Congress 3.06.11
McRI-Chicago 3.06.11
Walters-Baltimore 3.06.11 Slide mounted
Winterthur 3.06.11 v


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