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[Absorene Co., St Louis] A registered trademark for a soft, kneaded dough-type cleaning material. Absorene is composed of flour, salt, water with small amounts of mineral spirits and colorant (Estabrook, 1989). Originally, the soft, malleable dough was designed for cleaning wallpaper. A newer version is also available that is sold for cleaning dust from books and paper objects. Absorene erasers can leave copious small and large crumbs on the treated surface that darken with age. The crumbs can be removed with a bristle brush. Surface pH measurement of the Absorene dough gave an acidic value of 4.06 (Estabrook, 1989). Absorene was discontinued by its manufacturer in 2001 and reinstated in 2005.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Absorene eraser; Absorene book and paper cleaner; Absorene wallpaper cleaner

Hazards and Safety

Do not use on or near metals due to the potential corrosion from salt.

Additional Information

Absorene: Website E.Estabrook "Considerations of the Effect of Erasers on Cotton Fabric" JAIC 28:79-96, 1989. Link E. J. Pearlstein, D. Cabelli, A. King, & N. Indictor :Effects of Eraser Treatment on Paper" JAIC 22(1):1-12, 1982. Link

Sources Checked for Data in Record

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