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Araldite® AY103/Hardener HY991 epoxy


[Ciba-Geigy] A registered trademark for multiple series of tough structural adhesives based on epoxy, polyurethane, or acrylic polymers.

Examples of some of the two-part epoxy adhesives are:

- 2011 - bisphenol A epoxy with amine hardener

- 2013 - metal bonding adhesive; bisphenol A epoxy with amine hardener

- 2020 - two part epoxy, transparent and colorless

- AV1253 - bisphenol A epoxy resin with iron oxide fillers; 20 min. set

- AV1258 (formerly RP 1258)- two part epoxy, filled gray paste

- AY103 - resin (diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A) of a two part epoxy, 1 hour tack, 24 hours set;

- HY956 - hardener: mixed aminopoly(ethyleneamine)

- HY951 - hardener: triethylenetetramine

- GY6008 - diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A

- GY507 - bisphenol resin diluted with cresyl glycidyl ether

- GY506 - bisphenol resin diluted with butyl glycidyl ether

- XB2697 - tetraglycidyl ether of pentaerythritol

Araldite® AY103/Hardener HY991 epoxy

Synonyms and Related Terms

araldite (Port.)

Other Properties

Cured resin is insoluble in most solvents

Additional Information

Araldite: Website


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