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[[File:acetatefilamentmd.jpg|thumb|Cellulose acetate filament extrusion]]
[[File:arnelsemmd.jpg|thumb|SEM photo of cellulose acetate]]
== Description ==
== Description ==
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File:arnelsemmd.jpg|SEM photo of cellulose acetate
File:acetatefilamentmd.jpg|Cellulose acetate filament extrusion
File:Arnel 200X PP.jpg|Arnel fibers
File:Arnel 200X PP.jpg|Arnel fibers
File:Arnelfiberkj1.jpg|Infrared spectrum of Arnel fiber
File:Arnelfiberkj1.jpg|Infrared spectrum of Arnel fiber

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SEM photo of cellulose acetate


[Hoechst Celanese Corp.] A registered trademark for a cellulose triacetate fiber. Arnel was introduced in 1954 and was the only triacetate fiber produced in the United States. It is resistant to shrinkage and wrinkling.


Arnel fiber FTIR.PNG





Other Properties

Cross section varies with spinneret.

Additional Information

Celanese Acetate: Website


Properties of Synthetic Fibers

Additional Images

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