Artists' Matt Varnish

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Artists' Matt Varnish


[Winsor & Newton] A brand name for a polycyclohexanone based varnish. Artists' Matt Varnish is composed of Laropal K-80 dissolved in mineral spirits. It also contains a matting agent (fumed silica) and an ultraviolet inhibitor. The nonyellowing coating is typically used over oil, alkyd, or acrylic paints.


Artist's Matte varnish FTIR.PNG

Other Properties

Soluble in petroleum hydrocarbons, turpentine, isopropanol. Insoluble in water.

Additional Information

M.McGinn, "Proprietary Varnishes Based on Ketone Resins" AIC Painting Conservation Catalog, Varnishes and Surface Coatings, p.93, 1998.

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