Blue Gold threaded Brocade: Kinran-BL-0021: FS

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{Asian Silk Data |Notes=A blue silk brocade with supplementary gold weft in a design of peonies in Chinese arabesques. The bolt is used up and only partial silk pieces remain in a flat storage (屏風型収納ケース. 玉虫 2002年5月 |Fabric Color=blue |Weaving Pattern=Peonies in Chinese Arabesques |Fiber Identification=silk |Thread Count Warp=40 |Thread Count Weft=17 |Weaving Design JPN=牡丹 |Fabric Type=Gold threaded Brocade |Fabric Type JPN=金襴 |Fabric Number=Kinran-BL-0021 |Originating institution=Freer Sackler |Image front=Kinran-BL-0021.jpg |Image back=Kinran-BL-0021-back.jpg }}