Brasso polish

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Brasso polish


[Reckitt Benckiser, NJ, US] A registered trademark for a commercial metal polish. Brasso is advertised for cleaning and polishing brass, copper, plate chrome, stainless steel, and pewter. The slightly viscous, opaque liquid contains petroleum distillate (60-70%), crystalline silica (9-12%) and ammonia (2-3%). Ammoniated cleaners are not recommended for museum objects.

Density 0.97
Boiling Point 159.9


Brasso Polish FTIR.PNG

Hazards and Safety

Reacts with silver. May dissolve paint and varnish.

Causes stress corrosion cracking of brass coated iron and hardened brass.

Reckitt Benckiser: MSDS 7/11/2000

Additional Information

J. Moss "Ammoniated Cleaning Solutions" British Horological Institute Journal, August 1997, online Link Reckitt Benckiser: Website

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