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Broomsedge (Andropogon virginicus).


A yellow dye obtained from a wild grassy type plant (Andropogon virginicus) found in open fields from Massachusetts to Texas. The entire broomsedge plant, stalk, and leaves is gathered and dried. Broomsedge is also called dyer's broom because of similar dye colors. It produces of light greenish yellow on wool with an aluminum mordant and a brass color with a chrome mordant. Broomsedge gives a bright yellow to golden color to cotton. It is sometimes overdyed with indigo or henna to produce green or orange, respectively.

Synonyms and Related Terms

dyer's broom; Andropogon virginicus (broomsedge bluestem); erba della pampa (It.); broom sedge; blue stem; bluestem;


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