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(Physical and Chemical Properties)
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== Physical and Chemical Properties ==
== Physical and Chemical Properties ==
* See above chart.
==Working Properties==
==Working Properties==
==Forms and Sizes==
==Forms and Sizes==

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[Cadillac Products Packaging Company] A registered trademark for a Barrier films made from Aluminum foil sandwiched between a biaxial nylon film and layers of heat sealable Polyethylene. Some types of CADPAK contain an additional layer of Heavy Duty green coex on one side. CADPAK films are strong, waterproof, vaporproof, greaseproof and flexible. Originally made for military applications, CADPAK films have found its way into museums and has been used to seal wooden packing crates, display cases, and storage shelves since 1980. It has also been used to create air-tight sealed enclosures for pest eradication.

Specific parameters for CADPAK products are:

Product Structure Thickness (mil) Puncture resistance (lbs) Tensile Strength (lbs/in) Oxygen transmission (ml/m²d) Water Vapor Transmission (gms/m²d) Comments
CADPAK CL PCTFE 4 21 28-37 1.6 0.036 Clear, similar to Aclar
CADPAK N Nylon/PE/foil/PE 4.2 17-20 19 0.08 0.008 Standard foil barrier material
CADPAK N-HD Nylon/PE/foil/PE 5.9 20 20 0.08 0.008 Heavy duty; higher strength version of Cadpak N
CADPAK HD-100 Biax Nylon/PE/Foil/PE/Heavy Duty Green Coex 7.3-7.9 26 25 0.08 0.008 Heavy duty, high seal strength
CADPAK HD-200 Biax Nylon/PE/Cross-lam PE/PE/Foil/PE/Heavy Duty Green Coex 10.3 40 48 0.08 0.008 Heaviest duty, high puncture resistance

Synonyms and Related Terms


  • Lining shelves and shipping crates to minimize off-gassing of wood products
  • Create anoxic pouches for pest eradication or long-term storage
  • Sealed packages for exhibition and loan (esp for works on paper, paintings, lining inside of frames)
  • Protective covers for cabinets and cultural heritage objects

Personal Risks

Collection Risks

CADPAK N is fairly inert.

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Physical and Chemical Properties

  • See above chart.

Working Properties

Forms and Sizes

Resources and Citations

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