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== Risks ==
== Risks ==
Cabot Corp.: [http://hazard.com/msds/f2/bsv/bsvqc.html MSDS]
ThermoFisher: [https://www.fishersci.com/store/msds?partNumber=AC403731500&productDescription=CAB-O-SIL+150GM&vendorId=VN00032119&countryCode=US&language=en SDS]
[[[SliderGallery rightalign|aaiCABOSIL.jpg~FTIR]]]
[[[SliderGallery rightalign|aaiCABOSIL.jpg~FTIR]]]
== Resources and Citations ==
== Resources and Citations ==
* Cabot Corp.: [http://www.cabot-corp.com Website]
* G.S.Brady, ''Materials Handbook'', McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, 1971  Comment: p. 789
* G.S.Brady, ''Materials Handbook'', McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, 1971  Comment: p. 789

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[Cabot Corp.] A registered trademark for a series of treated and untreated synthetic silicon dioxide products. Cab-O-Sil is an aerosol silica that can be mixed with most liquids to form a thick colloidal suspension. Also called fumed silica, it is a very light, fluffy white powder that is made by hydrogen-oxygen furnace combustion of silicon tetrachloride. Cab-O-Sil is used as a matting agent, agent thickener, and filler in many adhesives, sealants, plastics, waxes, inks, and coatings.

Synonyms and Related Terms

aerosol silica; fumed silica; cabosil (sp)


ThermoFisher: SDS



Resources and Citations

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