Cadmium red

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Cadmium red


A permanent, deep red pigment composed of cadmium sulfoselenide. Pure cadmium sulfoselenide was patented in Germany in 1892 and first sold as a pigment (C.P.) in artist paints in 1907. Variations in the proportions of the cadmium and selenide produce as range of colors from orange to dark maroon. In 1926, cadmium reds were co-precipitated with barium sulfate to form less expensive cadmium lithopone pigments.

See also cadmium sulfide.

cadmium red

Synonyms and Related Terms

cadmium sulfide; cadmium sulfoselenide; Pigment Red 108; CI 77196; rouge de cadmium (Fr.); Kadmiumrot (Deut.); rojo de cadmio (Esp.); kokkino toy kadmioy (Gr.); rosso cadmio (It.); cadmiumrood (Ned.); vermelho de cádmio (Port.)










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Other Properties

Tiny red particles less than 1 micrometer in diameter; deep red in transmitted light

Composition CdS, CdSe

Hazards and Safety

Toxic by inhalation and ingestion. Carcinogen. May react with copper compounds and turn black.

Additional Information

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