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Cambell Center for Historic Preservation Sudies

"The Campbell Center offers continuing education in historic preservation, museum studies, preventive collections care, and conservation. The Center offers the participant a scholarship-supported program of certification in preventive collections care for the beginning, mid-career, and senior-level heritage professional. All course offerings are "material-based." Each course focuses on the inherent chemical and/or physical properties and limitations of the artifact material(s), the role environmental factors play in material(s) degradation, and conservation/preventive conservation strategies, which mitigates and/or slows degradation."(from website)

Web Address
Postal Address Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies

203 East Seminary

PO Box 66

Mount Carroll, IL 61053

Phone +1 815 244 1173
Fax +1 815 244 1619
Information Online Courses / workshops
Searchable No
Categories Research / training
Website Languages English

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