Common Milkweed, Hammer Stem And Peel

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Source: Comparative Plant Fiber Collection



Source Bast
Accession Number 7/8/93-AE.139.8.1-5.1.11-1.8/10/93 #794 (O) #1
Title Common milkweed, hammer stem, peel fiber
Processing treatment hammer and peel
Image Identification information CM-001-06-25-09-BF-400X-MM-1-9-overall fibers
Image capture digital
Date of image capture 06/25/09
Microscopist L. Crawford
Microscope Zeiss Axioplan
Mounting agent and RI Meltmount RI1.539
Microscopic technique Brightfield
Lumen type narrow lumen diameter relative to fiber diameter
Fiber size narrow fiber diameter
Surface folds surface folds present