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    • turned off -same as dye***A material that contains, or is used as, a dye. Natural dyes are water-soluble colored compounds extracted from plants, fungi, lichens, insects and shellfish. Synthetic dyes, first derived in 1856 from coal-tar extracts, were brighter, less expensive, more colorfast and quickly replaced most natural dyes. Synthetic dyes, of which there are over ten thousand, are generally categorized into groups based on their reactivity, their solubility and their method of application.

For more information see entries on the following: acid dye; aniline dye; anthraquinone dye; azo dye; basic dye; vat dye; developed dye; direct dye; disperse dye; fiber-reactive dye; metallized dye; naphthol dye; premetallized dye; sulfur dye

Synonyms and Related Terms

dye; dyes

Additional Information

For information on natural dyes: J. and M. Cannon, Dye Plants and Dyeing, The Herbert Press, London, 1994.