English poplar

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A hardwood tree, Populus nigra, of the willow family native to Europe. Classified as a black poplar because of its bark color, the English poplar produces a soft, lightweight wood that is easy to work. The yellowish white wood has a fine, uniform grain but it is prone to warping. It is primarily used for paneling, light construction, packing crates and paper pulp. A yellowish dye can be extracted from the fresh leaves of the poplar. On wool, it produces a brass color with a chrome mordant and a yellow-brown color with an alum mordant. The extract does not dye cotton.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Populus nigra; peuplier noir (Fr.); álamo negro (Esp.); choupo negro (Port.); pioppo nero (It.); lack poplar; Lombardy poplar

Density 25 ppcf

Additional Information

Schoch, W., Heller, I., Schweingruber, F.H., Kienast, F., 2004:Wood anatomy of central European Species: Black Poplar,Populus nigra L.

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