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A transparent, high moisture, and oxygen barrier film originally developed for use with the Mitsubishi Revolutionary Preservation (RP) System. Escal is coated with a ceramic polyvinyl alcohol film with no plasticizers (polypropylene (OPP)\Silica deposited PVAL\ LLDPE).

Synonyms and Related Terms

Barrier film, Escal Neo Oxygen Barrier film


  • Storage and preservation of a variety of materials, especially those sensitive to moisture and oxidation.

Personal Risks

Collections Risks

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Moisture barrier: 0.01 g/ @ 25°C 60%RH
  • Oxygen barrier:  : 0.05 cc/ @ 25°C 60%RH

Working Properties

Escal can be unrolled and cut down to the desired length and sealed with a heat sealer. An escal enclosure can be utilized with the Revolutionary Preservation (RP) System in two different ways: RP Type A – Involves the use of both oxygen and moisture scavengers. RP Type K – Involves only oxygen scavengers but is moisture neutral, in which moisture cannot be removed or introduced into the enclosure. (Mainly used to protect photographs, films and dyed products.) (

Forms and Sizes

Available in single sheet rolls and double sheet rolls.

Resources and Citations

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