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[[File:Fosshape Wonderflex.jpg|thumb|Fosshape rolls; Wonderflex]]
[[File:Fosshape Wonderflex.jpg|thumb|Fosshape rolls <br>Credit: Wonderflex]]
==Decsription ==
==Decsription ==
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== Synonyms and Related Terms ==
== Synonyms and Related Terms ==
Alternate shaping option: Wonderflex
Alternate shaping option: Wonderflex
[[File:Fosshape AIC Wiki.jpg|thumb|Fosshape on form, A.Keruzec]]
[[File:Fosshape AIC Wiki.jpg|thumb|Fosshape on form <br>Credit: A.Keruzec]]
== Applications ==
== Applications ==

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Fosshape rolls
Credit: Wonderflex


[Wonderflex World] A registered trademark for a nonwoven 100% polyester fabric. Fosshape® has a felt-like texture and is often called the “Buckram replacement”. The fabric is heat activated (temperature range 100-130 C) to achieve rigidity, stiffness and surface enhancement. It is mildew resistant and dye-able as well. Applications include: costuming, lightweight crafted reinforcement, theater props and set design, craft-work, puppetry, millinery headpieces, masks, sculptures, museum mountmaking and more.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Alternate shaping option: Wonderflex

Fosshape on form
Credit: A.Keruzec


  • Construction of mannequins
  • Production of mounts

Personal Risk

Fosshape® [SDS Sheet]

Working Properties

Synthetic FOSSHAPE® can easily be cut with scissors, will not fray like conventional woven fabrics and can be readily sewn to itself or other fabrics as a hidden stiffener or shaped into stand alone structures. Fabric steamers are the often preferred method for forming a desired amount of rigidity and stiffness, but conventional steam irons or an industrial hot air gun may oftentimes be helpful. The level of stiffness is achieved by adjusting heat, time and pressure. Depending on heating technique, it will shrink in the range of 15% or more.

Please see: [AIC Wiki]


Fosshape® is available in 300, 400 and 600 weights in fabric widths of 45″ or 114.3 cm. The 300 (lightest) and 600 (heaviest) are white while the 400 is black.

Additional Information


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