Furan resin

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A dark-color, thermosetting resin obtained from the condensation of furfuryl alcohol in mineral acids. Furfuryl alcohol is an inexpensive compound made from corncobs, straw, rice hulls, peanut shells, and other cellulosic waste materials. Furan resins are highly resistant to solvent, acids and alkalis. These black inflexible resins are dense and strong. Furan resins are used in protective coatings, chemical resistant cements and corrosion resistant construction materials.

Synonyms and Related Terms

resina de furano (Esp.); furanne (Fr.); resina de furano (Port.); furfuryl alcohol resin; furfurane; tetrole; furan-furfuryl alcohol resin

Additional Information

Black. Insoluble. Infusible.

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