Gamma benzene hexachloride

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Mass spectrum of lindane


An odorless, white crystalline powder that is most commonly used as an insecticide and fumigant for the control of chiggers, ticks, fleas, cockroaches, lice, and Acarus scabiei. The legal name for gamma benzene hexachloride is lindane and it is sold commercially as Gammexane.

Synonyms and Related Terms

BHC; lindane; benzene hexachloride; hexachlorocyclohexane; Gammexane [ICI]; Hexafor; Dolmix; Kotol; Soprocide; Kilbeech; Hexyclan

Composition C6H6Cl6
CAS 58-89-9 (608-73-1)
Melting Point 113
Density 1.87
Molecular Weight mol. wt.=290.8
Boiling Point 323



Chemical structure


Hazards and Safety

Toxic by inhalation, ingestion and skin absorption. LD50 = 88-270 mg/kg. Potential carcinogen.

International Chemical Safety Card


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