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Gras (Deut.); gazon (Fr.); gräs (Sven.)
Gras (Deut.); gazon (Fr.); gräs (Sven.)
==Other Properties==
For paper fiber characteristics see: [[esparto grass]], [[bamboo]], [[ramie]], and [[straw]].
== Additional Images ==
== Additional Images ==

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Any of over 9000 species of grass. Grass is a perennial plant with long, cylindrical leaves that have been used for making paper, ropes, baskets, and fabric. For examples see: arundo donax, bear grass, cuscus grass, eelgrass, elephant grass, elk grass, esparto grass, grass cloth, horsetail, papyrus, ramie, reed, sedge, silk grass, and sorghum.


Synonyms and Related Terms

Gras (Deut.); gazon (Fr.); gräs (Sven.)

Other Properties

For paper fiber characteristics see: esparto grass, bamboo, ramie, and straw.

Additional Images


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