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[[[SliderGallery rightalign|Halloysite PMA.TIF~FTIR (MFA)]]]
[[[SliderGallery rightalign|Halloysite PMA.TIF~FTIR (PMA)]]]
== Hazards and Safety ==
== Hazards and Safety ==

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A refractory clay that has a similar composition to kaolin but a different conformation. In halloysite, the plate-like structure are rolled into tubes. This results in high and often, nonuniform, shrinkage of the clay as it dries. Halloysite containing clays are found in New Zealand, Japan, North Africa and Mississippi (Fournier 1996).

Synonyms and Related Terms

haloisite (Port.); Halloysit (Deut.)

Composition Al2O3.3SiO2.2H2O


Halloysite PMA.TIF

Hazards and Safety


Additional Information

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