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| Pt 6 white lining || trace of lead
| Pt 6 white lining || trace of lead
== Analytical points and results ==
[[File:Yellow platter and cup.png|left|frame| Yellow platter and cup]] [[[SliderGallery center|EEM yellow cup.png~EEM|XRF Yellow cup.png~XRF]]]
[[File:Green robe.png|left|frame| Green robe]] [[[SliderGallery center|FORS green robe.png~FORS|XRF Green robe.png~XRF]]]
[[File:Light green sash.png|left|frame| Light green sash]] [[[SliderGallery center|EEM light green sash.png~EEM|FORS light green robe.png~FORS|XRF Light green sash.png~XRF]]]
[[File:Purple lining.png|left|frame| Purple lining]] [[[SliderGallery center|EEM purple lining.png~EEM|FORS purple lining.png~FORS]]]
[[File:Red robe.png|left|frame| Red robe]] [[[SliderGallery center|EEM red robe.png~EEM]]]
[[File:White lining.png|left|frame| White lining]]

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Woodblock print information

Vol 5 seated applying makeup TMS.png

Ehon (illustrated book)

Yoshiwara bijin awase (The Beautiful Women of the Yoshiwara)

吉原美人合 (絵本青楼美人合) 吉原美人合 (絵本青楼美人合)

Artist: Suzuki Harunobu, Japanese, 1725–1770 鈴木春信

Image of seated woman applying makeup from volume 5

Japanese, Edo period, 1770 (Meiwa 7)

Woodblock printed book; ink and color on paper; 26.0 x 18.9 cm (ôhon)

Collection: Asia, Prints and Drawings, MFA 2006.1537.1-5

William S. and John T. Spaulding Collection


Analysis point Results
Pt 1 yellow platter turmeric, orpiment
Pt 2 green robe orpiment, indigo
Pt 3 light green obi flavonoid, dayflower
Pt 4 purple lining safflower, dayflower
Pt 5 red robe madder
Pt 6 white lining trace of lead