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A general name given to any of several coarse, durable bast fibers obtained from a variety of plants, e.g., Hibiscus cannabinus (Deccan hemp: Kenaf, paco-paco), Musa textilis (Manila hemp: Abaca), or Agave sisalana (Sisal hemp: Sisal). Indian hemp (Cannabis sativa), also called true hemp, is an ancient crop cultivated in Asia for its fibers as early as 2800 BCE. Hemp fibers range from 1-2 meters long and are yellow to brown in color. They have a high <A href=\"fullrecord.asp?name=cellulose\">cellulose</A> content with little <A href=\"fullrecord.asp?name=lignin\">lignin</A>. Hemp is lustrous, strong and durable with good resistance to <A href=\"fullrecord.asp?name=water\">water</A> salts light and insects. Hemp is used for cordage fish lines <A href=\"fullrecord.asp?name=sailcloth\">sailcloth</A> <A href=\"fullrecord.asp?name=canvas\">canvas</A> and <A href=\"fullrecord.asp?name=burlap\">burlap</A>.
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Synonyms and Related Terms

Indian hemp; marijuana; ganja; chanvre (Fr.); Hibiscus cannabinus (Deccan hemp; Musa textilis (Manila hemp); Agave sisalana (Sisal hemp); Cannabis sativa (Indian hemp, true hemp, or marijuana); almindelig Hamp (Dan.); Hanf (Deut.); chanvre (Fr.); hennep (Ned.); cânhamo (Port.); hampan (Sven.)

Hemp plants:

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