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A general name given to any of several coarse, durable bast fibers obtained from a variety of plants, e.g., Hibiscus cannabinus (Deccan hemp: Kenaf, Paco-paco), Musa textilis (Manila hemp: Abaca), or Agave sisalana (Sisal hemp: Sisal). Indian hemp (Cannabis sativa), also called true hemp, is an ancient crop cultivated in Asia for its fibers as early as 2800 BCE. Hemp fibers range from 1-2 meters long and are yellow to brown in color. They have a high Cellulose content with little Lignin>. Hemp is lustrous, strong and durable with good resistance to Water, salts, light, and insects. Hemp is used for cordage, fish lines, Sailcloth, Canvas, and Burlap.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Indian hemp; marijuana; ganja; chanvre (Fr.); Hibiscus cannabinus (Deccan hemp); Musa textilis (Manila hemp); Agave sisalana (Sisal hemp); Cannabis sativa (Indian hemp, true hemp, or marijuana); almindelig Hamp (Dan.); Hanf (Deut.); chanvre (Fr.); hennep (Ned.); cânhamo (Port.); hampan (Sven.)

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