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A brand name for fabric series made with white, nonwoven polyester fibers. Hollytex is spunbonded from a continuous filament which results in a strong, lint-free, lightweight fabric with no added binders or pigments. It is calendared to form a very smooth surface. Hollytex is used as a support material, release paper, filtering agent, and interleaving paper. It is also used as a backing material for the 2-layer GORE-TEX® laminate.

Some products and thicknesses available are:

  1. 3491 : thickness = 1.5 mil
  1. 3257 : thickness = 2.5 mil
  1. 3221 : thickness = 2.8 mil
  1. 3335 : thickness = 4.7 mil
  1. 3265 : thickness = 5.3 mil
  1. 3261 : thickness = 6.5 mil

Synonyms and Related Terms

Holytex; Holly-Tex


Other Properties

Does not absorb water. Can be thermally and ultrasonically welded.

Additional Information

Link: Talas


Properties of Synthetic Fibers

Sources Checked for Data in Record

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