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[Ahlstrom Advanced Filtration] A registered trademark for a fabric series made with white, nonwoven fibers, with options available using either polyester fibers or polyethylene fibers. Hollytex® is spunbonded from continuous filaments resulting in a strong, lint-free, lightweight fabric with no added binders or pigments. It is calendared to produce a very smooth surface. Hollytex® is porous, but non-reactive, allowing moisture, vapors and liquids to pass through while effectively blocking particles. It is used as a support material, release paper, filtering agent, and interleaving paper. It is also used as a backing material for the 2-layer GORE-TEX® laminate.


Synonyms and Related Terms

Holytex; Holly-Tex


  • Support or backing material
  • Interleaving paper

Physical and Chemical Properties

Hollytex® has high tensile strength and high tear strength. Acid-free and non hygroscopic. Can be thermally and ultrasonically welded. Polyester is resistant to acids, oxidizing agents, solvents, rot and mildew. Dimensionally stable in all directions.


Hollytex is sold in 60" wide rolls. Some products and thicknesses available are:

  1. 3491 : thickness = 1.5 mil
  2. 3257 : thickness = 2.5 mil
  3. 3221 : thickness = 2.8 mil
  4. 3335 : thickness = 4.7 mil
  5. 3265 : thickness = 5.3 mil
  6. 3261 : thickness = 6.5 mil

Applications for Storage Exhibit and Transport

  • Lining, interleaving and as a release paper
  • Support and backing
  • Humidification, drying and flattening
  • Barrier layer


Properties of Synthetic Fibers

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