Hot-Melt Glue Stick

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[3M, St Paul, MN] A brand name for a thermoplastic adhesive that is applied in the molten state and becomes solid as it quickly cools. Special devices, often sold as glue guns, hold the solid stick while provide heat at the tip to melt the outer section for application.The original 3M brand of Hot-melt Glue Sticks are composed of a copolymer of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA at 65%) blended with a hydrocarbon resin (terpene-phenol at 30%). Currently many varieties of hot-melt adhesives are available

Synonyms and Related Terms

Holt melt glue sticks; Hot glue; Hot-melt adhesive (HMA)


Physical and Chemical Properties

Hot melt adhesives (HMAs) tend to have a long shelf-life and do not loos volume on cooling. Also the HMAs usually do have any specific disposal requirements.

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