Iron oxide black

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A brownish-black iron ore. Black iron oxide is used in the manufacture of steel, glass and enamels. It has coarse particles that are strongly magnetic. Black iron oxide wets easily but it covers poorly and is unsuited for most use in paints. However, it is used to tint primers gray because it is inert and inexpensive.

Synonyms and Related Terms

ferrous oxide; Pigment Black 11; CI 77499; negro de xido de hierro (Esp.); Schwarzes Eisenoxid, natrlich (Deut.); magntite (Fr.); oxeidio toy sidiroy (Gr.); mayro (fysiko) magnititis (Gr.); nero ossido di ferro (It.); ijzeroxide zwart (Ned.); negro de xido de ferro (Port.); black iron oxide; magnetic oxide; Mars black; mineral black; black rouge.

Other Properties

Turns a dark reddish brown when heated.

Composition FeO

Hazards and Safety

No significant hazards unless contaminated with toxic impurities.

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