Lead chromate

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Lead chromate


An important commercial yellow pigment called chrome yellow. Lead chromate can range in shade from lemon yellow to orange depending on its particle size and hydration state. Chrome yellow, which came on the market in early 1800s, is fairly permanent to light, but has been known to darken on aging or with exposure to hydrogen sulfide. Chrome yellow is used in industrial paint, some artists paint and ceramic glazes.

Synonyms and Related Terms

chrome yellow; Pigment Yellow 34; CI 77600; chromate de plomb (Fr.); cromato de plomo (Esp.); Chromgelb (Deut.); chromikos molybdos (Gr.); kitrino toy chromioy (Gr.); gialli di cromo (It.); loodchromaat (Ned.); cromato de chumbo (Port.); lead chrome yellow; chrome red; chrome orange; Paris yellow; king's yellow; Cologne yellow; Leipzig yellow









Other Properties

Soluble in strong acids and alkalis. Insoluble in water.

Composition PbCrO4
CAS 7758-97-6
Melting Point 844
Density 5.96-6.3
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 323.19
Refractive Index 2.31; 2.49

Hazards and Safety

Human carcinogen, teratogen and suspected mutagen. Skin contact may cause allergies. Ingestion may cause fatal chromium/lead poisoning. Chronic inhalation may cause lung cancer and respiratory irritation.

LINK: International Chemical Safety Card

Additional Information

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Additional Images

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