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[Radiator Specialty Co., Charlotte, NC] A registered trademark for a series of petroleum-based lubricants. Liquid Wrench® contains an aliphatic petroleum distillate (85-90%) mixed with mineral oil (6-10%). A new version containing Teflon® is also available. The dark-color lubricants are sold in two dispensers: as a liquid in a squirt bottle and as an aerosol. Liquid Wrench products are used for metal to metal interactions to stop squeaks, to protect surfaces, to loosen rusty parts, and to remove water.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Liquid Wrench Super Penetrant; Liquid Wrench Super Lubricant; Liquid Wrench Non-flammable Super Lubricant

Other Properties

Insoluble in water

Density 0.805

Hazards and Safety

Flammable. Flash point = 132 F.

Skin and eye contact may cause irritation.

Household Products Database: Safety Sheet

Additional Information

Radiator Specialty Co: Website