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Marblewood (Marmoxylon racemosum)


An ebony wood from the tree Diospyros kurzii native to India and the Andaman Islands. The heavy, durable wood is black with yellowish stripes forming a marble like grain pattern. Like other ebonies, it is highly valued for furniture, inlay and decorative items. Marblewood is resistant to insects and takes a high polish. Other trees also called marblewood are Marmoxylon racemosum of South America, Diospyros marmorata of southern Asia and Olea paniculata of Australia.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Andaman marblewood; ebony; Diospyros kurzii; Marmoxylon racemosum; Diospyros marmorata; Olea paniculata; angelim rajado; bois serpent (Fr.)


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