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No significant hazards.
No significant hazards.
[[[SliderGallery rightalign|Mars Yellow (Forbes MFA 242) 785nm (640x445).jpg~Raman|PIG242.jpg~XRD|f242sem.jpg~SEM|f242edsbw.jpg~EDS]]]
[[[SliderGallery rightalign|Mars Yellow (Forbes MFA 242) 785nm (640x445).jpg~Raman (MFA)|PIG242.jpg~XRD|f242sem.jpg~SEM|f242edsbw.jpg~EDS]]]
== Additional Information ==
== Additional Information ==

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Mars yellow


Synthetically prepared iron oxide pigment. Mars yellow is medium to deep yellow color with good tinting strength and is permanent. It is inexpensive, has good-film forming properties and acts as a drier for oil paints. Synthetic yellow iron oxides are extensively used in the paint industry to produce cream tints with Titanium dioxide.

See also Mars colors.

Synonyms and Related Terms

synthetic yellow ocher; Pigment Yellow 42 and 43; CI 77492; Marsgelb (Deut.); jaune de mars (Fr.); giallo di marte (giallo ossido) (It.); ijzeroxidegeel (Ned.); amarelo de Marte (Port.); yellow iron oxide; iron yellow; yellow oxide of iron; Ferrite; Ferrox; Mapico yellow

mars yellow
Composition Fe2O3-H2O

Hazards and Safety

No significant hazards.

Raman (MFA)

Mars Yellow (Forbes MFA 242) 785nm (640x445).jpg



Additional Information


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