Museum Wax

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Museum Mounting Wax


[QuakeHold! by Trevco, San Marcos, CA] A brand name for a soft, sticky mineral wax used for positioning and earthquake stabilization of small objects. QuakeHold! Museum Wax™ is composed of Microcrystalline wax softened with petroleum jelly. It was formerly sold under the brand name of Anchor Wax™.

Synonyms and Related Terms

museo de cera (Esp.)

Examples include: Quakehold!; Quake Wax; Museum Wax; Anchor Wax

Other Properties

Soluble in mineral spirits. Non-acidic.

Hazards and Safety


Additional Information

Quakehold: [ht Website]

Sources Checked for Data in Record

  • Marie Svoboda, Conservation Survey Index, unpublished, 1997

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