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== Resources and Citations ==
== Resources and Citations ==
* Contributions: Kate Wight Tyler, AIC Plastics Panel, 2020.
* Glue Gun Website:[https://www.gluegun.com/blogs/news/88695364-rtv-silicone-a-comprehensive-overview-and-product-guide#:~:text=Oxime%2C%20or%20neutral%20cure%20silicone%2C%20on%20the%20other,closer%20look%20at%20these%20two%20kinds%20of%20silicones. RTV Silicones]

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One of three types of room temperature vulcanization (RTV) silicones. An oxime-type silicone uses a neutral chemical, such as an oxime or alcohol, to initiate the curing mechanism in combination with water (from the atmosphere). The oxime silicone cures much slower than an acid-based (acetoxy) silicone, but only releases a methyl ethyl ketoxime as a by-product of the curing process (instead of acetic acid). Once cured, the oxime silicone is non-corrosive and has excellent oil and temperature resistant properties. I can adhere to concrete and is non-corrosive for most metals.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Neutral-cure Silicone; neutral cure silicone;

Examples: Surebon SB-170; ASI 335 Neutral Cure Silicone.


  • Adhesive, sealant
  • Often used for electronics

Personal Risks

  • Acute toxicity upon ingestion, eye contact or inhalation.
  • Skin contact may cause some skin irritation or facilitate an allergic dermal reaction

Environmental Risks

Collection Risks

Working Properties

Generally available in one part system with applicator

RTV Silicone adhesives and sealants have many advantageous properties; their only real limitations are that they cannot be painted over with water base paint, and the fact that water vapor passes relatively easily through cured silicone rubber. Other than that, these adhesives are incredibly flexible (depending on the temperature), and have a wide operating temperature range. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions, humidity, and mold and mildew, and also carry excellent electrical properties. RTV Silicones have a 40-year life span and a high degree of elongation; they are easy to dispense, even in cold temperatures, and are VOC compliant, with excellent UV and thermal stability properties.


Additional Information

Resources and Citations

  • Contributions: Kate Wight Tyler, AIC Plastics Panel, 2020.
  • Glue Gun Website:RTV Silicones