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* Website address 1  Comment: www.rohmhaas.com
* Website address 1  Comment: www.rohmhaas.com
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[Rohm & Haas] A registered trademark for a 40% solids solution of Paraloid® A-11 in Methyl ethyl ketone. Paraloid® A-101 is a methylmethacrylate resin that produces a hard, durable film.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Acryloid® A-101; Acryloid® A-11; Paraloid® A-11; Acryloid A-101 (sp); Acryloid A101 (sp); Paraloid A-101 (sp); Paraloid A101

Other Properties

Soluble in ethylene dichloride, Cellosolve® acetate, ethyl acetate, toluene, DMF, MEK.

Molecular Weight Tg=100 C

Sources Checked for Data in Record

  • Product Information Comment: Rohm & Haas Acrylic Resins sheet, 1986
  • Website address 1 Comment: www.rohmhaas.com

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