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A group of thermoplastic polymers containingin carbonate groups (O-CO-O) in their chemical structures. apolycarbonates are strong, tough materials that tend to be easily worked and molded. The are listed as “other” or “7” on the resin identification code (RIC) list.

Polycarbonate is a term that is often applied solely for polycarbonate of bisphenol A.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Brand Names: Lexan (General Electric)


Personal Risks

Collection Risks

Environmental Risks

  • Polycarbonate can form bisphenol A (BPA) in the environment. It is on the watch list of many countries including the United States and Germany.
  • Thermal degradation polycarbonates produce phenol and phenol derivatives, known environmental pollutants (Collin 2012, Pollution Database 2017)

Collection Risks

Standard resins alone are not suitable for long-term exposure to UV radiation. They will yellow with long exposure to sunlight.

Working Properties

Can be folded/bent using sheet metal techniques.


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