Polyvinylidene chloride

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Infrared spectrum of saran fiber


A thermoplastic polymer that is commonly called saran. Polyvinylidene chloride forms films that are impermeable to vapors, moisture, and oxygen. It is most often used as a barrier film for packaging.

See also film saran film.

Synonyms and Related Terms

poly(vinylidene chloride); PVDC; poli(cloruro de vinilideno) (Esp.); chlorure de polyvinylidne (Fr.); polivinilidene cloruro (It.); cloreto de polivinilideno (Port.)

Examples: saran; Cryovac



Other Properties

Burns with green flame producing pungent odor and evolving HCl.

Turns yellow or brown when exposed to alkalis.

Melting Point 185-200
Density 1.86-1.88

Hazards and Safety

Combustible but self-extinguishing. May release acids when heated.


Physical Properties for Selected Thermoplastic Resins

General Characteristics of Polymers


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