Polyvinylidene fluoride

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A thermoplastic fluorocarbon polymer made from vinylidene fluoride. Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) can be molded, extruded, or cast. It is used for protective coatings and linings because of its excellent chemical resistance. PVDF is also resistant to weathering and UV light.

Synonyms and Related Terms

PVDF; poli(fluoruro de vinilideno) (Esp.); fluorure de polyvinylidène (Fr.); polivinilidene fluoruro (It.); fluoreto de polivinilideno (Port.)

Examples: Kynar [Pennwalt Corp.]



Other Properties

Slightly soluble in n-butylamine, dimethylacetamide. Resistant to acids, alkalis, oxidizers, halogens. Elongation = 300%; Moisture regain = 0.4%.

Composition [-HC2=CF2-]n
Melting Point 171
Density 1.7-1.8
Refractive Index 1.42

Hazards and Safety

Combustible, self-extinguishing.

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