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X-ray image


Non-destructive examination technique using non-visible radiation such as X-rays (X-radiography), gamma rays (gamma radiography), beta particles (beta radiography), or neutrons (neutron radiography). These high energy radiation or particles will penetrate different composition/density materials to varying degrees. The resulting variations of transmission of these radiations are recorded by a detector, generally a radiographic film, thus characterizing the internal compositional structure of an object.

See also radiograph, electron transmission radiography, electron emission radiography, digital radiography, radioscopy, radiographic imaging plate, radiographic flat panel detector, linear diode arrays, tomography, CAT scan

Synonyms and Related Terms

Radiographie (Deut.); Röntgenaufnahmeverfahren (Deut.); radiographie (Fr.); radiografia (It., Port., Esp.); röntgenfoto (Ned.); X-ray radiography


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