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Reemay Spunbonded Polyester


[Nonwoven Technologies] A registered trademark for a polyester spunbonded fabric. Reemay® is made from long continuous trilobal fibers of 100% Dacron. The trilobal fibers provide great strength, stability and uniformity than circular fibers. Rather than using heat, Reemay is air-bonded, which means there are no points to restrict airflow or impart a pattern. Reemay® fabrics are thermally and ultrasonically sealable; they contains no solvents or chemical binders. The fabric is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and moisture. It is easy to cut and it does not ravel, fray, or produce dust. Reemay® is used for lining, interleaving, backing, and as a support when washing fragile materials.

Synonyms and Related Terms

remay (Esp.)



Personal Risk

Reemay [SDS sheet]

Other Properties

Resistant to solvents, oils, salt solutions, acids, alkalis.

Moisture regain = 0.5%.

Additional Information

Nonwoven Technologies: Product list


Properties of Synthetic Fibers

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