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MFA Acc. #: 1998.69


Prints produced by forcing ink through design-stenciled fine mesh screens. Screens are made from silk, nylon, or polyester fabric on which the non-printing areas are blocked out with lacquer, shellac, or glue. A squeegee is used to force ink through the regions of the fabric that remain porous. The resultant prints have thick, uniform areas of color. The fabric screens can be prepared with light sensitive coatings to transfer images from photographs.

MFA Acc. #: 1986.968

Synonyms and Related Terms

screen print; screenprinting; silk screen; silkscreen; stencil print; serigraph; serigraphy; zeefdruk (Ned.); sérigraphie (Fr.); Seidensiebdruck (Deut.); Siebdruck (Deut.); serigrafia (It., Port.); serigrafía (Esp.); serigrafi (Sven.)

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