Silicone sealant

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A water-resistant, flexible adhesive (caulk or sealant). Silicones contain easily hydrolyzable end groups, such as acetates, that are designed to crosslink when exposed to water vapor in the air. There are now three types of curing for these types of adhesives and sealants:

  • The alkoxy cure silicones may release xxxxx
  • The ethoxy cure silicones may release xxx

In general, if the silicone adhesive is listed as 'neutral cure' it will not release acetic acid.

Synonyms and Related Terms

silicone mastic (Br.); adhesivo de silicona (Esp.); colle silicone (Fr.); colla siliconica (It.); adesivo de silicone (Port.)

Hazards and Safety


Sources Checked for Data in Record

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