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Liquitex Soluvar varnish


[Liquitex] A registered trademark for a series of glossy, satin, and matte picture varnishes. Soluvar varnishes are composed of a mixture of n-butyl and isobutyl methacrylates (Paraloid B-67 and F-10) resins. Soluvar varnishes are designed for use on colors polymer (e.g., acrylic, vinyl), paint casein, and Tempera paintings.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Liquitex Soluvar Picture Varnish; Soluvar Gloss Picture Varnish; Soluvar Matte Picture Varnish

Other Properties

Soluble in Stoddard solvent, mineral spirits and turpentine.

Hazards and Safety

Soluvar Matte Picture Varnish: MSDS

Soluvar Gloss Picture Varnish: MSDS

Additional Information

Liquitex: Product information

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