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Women Overnight Guests, a Triptych (Fujin tomari-kyaku no zu, sanmai-tsuzuki) (left page)

「婦人泊まり客之図 三枚続」

Kitagawa Utamaro I (Japanese, early 1750s–1806)

Publisher: Tsuruya Kiemon (Senkakudô)

Edo period, about 1794–95 (Kansei 6–7)

Other impressions: 06.1049 (center sheet only)


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Analysis point Results
Pt 1 madder
Pt 2 orpiment, indigo
Pt 3 orpiment, turmeric
Pt 4 safflower
Pt 5 orpiment
Pt 6 safflower, dayflower
Pt 7 orpiment, indigo
Pt 8 orpiment, turmeric
Pt 9 orpiment, indigo