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The chemical name for the red dyes extracted from several lichens of the genera Evernia, Roccella, Ramalina and Lecanoria, such as Evernia prunastri, Roccella phycopsis and Ramalina scopulorum.

Orchil dyed wool
Image credit w. Carter

Synonyms and Related Terms

CI Natural Red 28; archil; orchil; lacmus;

Physical and Chemical Properties

Orcein is soluble in ethanol. It is an indicator dye that turns blue in alkaline solutions.

CAS 1400-62-3

Hazards and Safety

ThermoFisher: SDS

Additional Information

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° H.Schweppe, "Indigo and Woad", Artists Pigments, Volume 3, E. West FitzHugh (ed.), Oxford University Press: Oxford, 1997.

° Pigments Through the Ages: Indigo

Comparisons and related information

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Characteristics of Common Blue Pigments

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