Tetex TR

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[Sefar, Switzerland] A lightweight, open-weave fabric made with very fine polyester filaments. Tetex TR is used to provide backing for fragile textiles. It is also used as a protective covering fabric. The sheer fabric is sold as a replacement for the Stabiltex fabric discontinued in 2004. Tetex TR was then discontinued in 2009. According to internet searches, Test Fabrics considered having special runs made, but it is currently not listed for sale.

Other Properties

Weight = 13 g per square meter

Thickness = 85 microns

Available in 25 m rolls

Additional Information

° Sefar: Website

° Renee Dancause, 'Overlay with a Difference" Strong Support-Thread Edge Finish for Tetex TR', JAIC 41(1), 2002.

Sources Checked for Data in Record

  • External source or communication: Contributed information: Karin von Lerber, Jan. 2005

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