UHU adhesives

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[Saunders] A registered trademark for a series of contact adhesives. Some types are:

- UHU® All Purpose Clear: Polyvinyl acetate with Cellulose nitrate

- UHU® Hart: cellulose nitrate with Camphor and Amyl acetate

- UHU® Tac adhesive putty: Polybutylene with mineral filler

- UHU® White Glue stic: polyvinylpyrrolidone, sodium stearate, Glycerol

- UHU® Crafts glue: polyvinyl acetate emulsion

- UHU® Glue pen: aqueous solution of Polyvinyl alcohol

- UHU® Creativ' Cardboard and Craft: cellulose nitrate, Methyl acetate, ethanol, Acetone

Synonyms and Related Terms

UHU-plus; UHU Plus; UHU All Purpose Clear; UHU Hart; UHUTac adhesive putty; UHU Glue stic; UHU Plus Epoxy adhesive; UHU Glue pen

Additional Information

° Saunders: UHU Website

° J. Down, M.MacDonald, J.Te'treault, S.Williams, Adhesive Testing at the Canadian Conservation Institute-An Evaluation of Selected Poly(Vinyl acetate) and Acrylic Adhesives", Studies in Conservation 41:19-44, 1996.

Sources Checked for Data in Record

  • Marie Svoboda, Conservation Survey Index, unpublished, 1997
  • Jane Down, Maureen MacDonald, Jean Te'treault, Scott Williams, Adhesive testing at the Canadian Conservation Institute-An evaluation of selected poly(vinyl acetate) and acrylic adhesives., Studies in Conservation, 41, 19-44, 1996

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