Wheat starch

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Wheat starch


Polysaccharide granules that compose about 70% of Wheat flour. Wheat starch is separated from the Gluten and fibrous particles by sieving then wash flotation. It is composed of 18-27% Amylose. When heated with Water, wheat starch forms a low viscosity solution that does not change with heating time. It thickens substantially on cooling and to form an opaque gel. Wheat starch dries to form a strong bond. It is susceptible to biological attack and may turn gray or yellow with age. Wheat starch is the primary adhesive used by paper conservators for hinging, mending, lining ,and reinforcement (AIC Book and Paper Catalog).

Wheat starch

Synonyms and Related Terms

almidón de trigo (Esp.); amidon de blé (Fr.); amido di grano (It)

Examples include: Aytex P [Henkel]; Starbake starch [Hercules]; Paygel [General Mills]; Sin-nori; Jin-Shofu


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Other Properties

Fine oval shaped granules. Granule size = 3 - 35 micrometers

Gelatinization temperature = 58 - 64 C

Turns blue-violet with iodine.

Hazards and Safety

Susceptible to biodeterioration. Dried films become brittle with age.

Talas: MSDS

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