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A water-loving rodent (genus Castor) native to Europe, Asia, and North America. Beaver have thick water-repellent were sought after for hats and coats. The furs have a dense gray-brown undercoat coavered with coarse, shiny, black or reddish brown guard hairs. Beaver were also hunted for the thick liquid from their musk gland, castoreum, that was used in medicines and perfumes.

Synonyms and Related Terms

beaver fur; beaver skin; beaver hair; North American beaver (Castor canadensis); European beaver (Castor fiber); castoreum; bæver (Dan.); Biber (Deut.); castor (Esp., Fr., Port.); bevers (Ned.); bóbr (Pol.); bäver (Sven.)


Other Properties

Guard hair is coarse, about 3" long

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